CAP pilot projects: Future-proof Agriculture

Seven pilot projects for performance-based compensation

The aim of the Future-proof Agriculture pilot projects is to gain experience with performance-based compensation for farmers in the run-up to the next CAP grant period (2021-2027). Seven agricultural collectives for managing nature and the countryside will carry out the pilot projects. These represent most regions in the Netherlands.

Biodiversity and climate

As of 2021, the member states will have much more say in the conditions their farmers must meet to receive funding through the CAP. Farmers will be asked to pay more attention to biodiversity, climate and water, soil and air quality, for which they will receive performance-based compensation.

Experience through pilot projects

The pilot projects are intended to gain experience in a number of regions and sectors, and also provide more insight into the administrative costs, in keeping with the European Commission’s wish to simplify the CAP and reduce the administrative burden. The experience gained in the pilot projects will be used to design a system of performance-based compensation that will encourage farmers to make their businesses more sustainable.

Agricultural collectives

Over the past years, the collectives have proven that they can make and keep agreements with farmers on the upkeep of the landscape and the countryside. There is a lot of support in the Netherlands for their approach, and the European Commission also values their work, calling it an example for the entire European Union.


The pilot projects will be carried out between March 2019 and mid-2021. A total of €9 million has been made available by transferring part of the budget for Pillar 1 to Pillar 2.

National Strategic Plan

Representatives of the involved agricultural collectives will meet regularly during the implementation period. An important goal of these national meetings will be to translate the results of the pilot projects into a National Strategic Plan. The Netherlands is required to submit this plan to the European Commission prior to the start of the 2021-2027 CAP funding period.


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