Green Limburg

Project title: Green, productive and living Limburg
Applicant: Coöperatie Natuurrijk Limburg (Limburg collective)
In cooperation with: Arvalis, a subsidiary of the Limburgse Land- en Tuinbouw Bond (Limburg farmers’ association)
Region: Limburg
Green Limburg


This pilot project builds a bridge between food production, biodiversity improvement and agricultural nature conservation. Natuurrijk Limburg wants this project to lead to more nature-inclusive farms. The result will be a resilient food production system and a healthy business model for farmers combined with the conservation of nature and the countryside.

The pilot project will implement simple measures but will also test more far-reaching solutions, all tailored to the specific situation in Limburg. The measures will be selected together with the farmers to ensure their support.

The starting points of the measures are:

  • Practical and feasible for farmers to implement both in terms of workload and risk.
  • Economically feasible.

Three-pronged implementation:

  • Demonstrate proven measures to farmers and other stakeholders who influence farming practices.
  • Test far-reaching measures in the region together with the aforementioned parties.

Evaluate the measures from an integrated perspective, taking into account regional differences. This will primarily focus on measures that are relatively simple to implement on the farm and that serve several goals simultaneously.