Lapwing as a symbol

Project title: The lapwing as a symbol of a more environmentally-friendly dairy industry
Applicant: Coöperatieve Agrarische Natuur Collectief Noordwest Overijssel (Northwest Overijssel collective)
Region: Overijssel



This pilot project aims to make the dairy industry more environmentally-friendly based on the new CAP measures. It involves testing various combinations of measures in four sub-regions. These regions have different landscape characteristics and types of farms.

The lapwing stands as a symbol for this pilot project. Measures to protect this species will lead to a dairy industry that has more attention for ecology, climate, soil and water.

The pilot project will focus on:

  • Establishing and implementing a biodiversity plan for a few sub-regions, whereby EU and national objectives are translated into concrete measures at the regional level.
  • Developing and testing a regional planning process and administrative model for regional biodiversity development.
  • Designing a regional compensation model for biodiversity development, whereby farms can pass on the responsibility for measures and the corresponding compensation to third parties.
  • Creating an optimal habitat for the lapwing as indicator species. Testing if collective action for lapwing conservation is more cost-effective than individual measures.
  • Fostering support among farmers for an integrated regional approach and a strong coordinating role for the agricultural collective.

Contributing to the development of an adequate system of compensation that is in keeping with the delivered performance and that encourages further biodiversity improvement on the farm.