Sectoral building blocks

Project title: Sectoral building blocks for improving the sustainability of individual farms in the future CAP
Applicant: Coöperatie Natuurrijk Limburg (Limburg collective)
In cooperation with: LTO Nederland (Dutch national farmers’ association)
Region: Countrywide

sectoral building blocks


This pilot project will ask farmers about their ambitions in regard to sustainable and feasible farming practices to ensure they can meet the requirements of the future CAP. The pilot will develop ambitious and feasible proposals to meet the national requirements of the First Pillar of the CAP after 2020.

The CAP goals for the environment, climate and biodiversity are often still too abstract for farmers, which is why this project translates these goals into a problem definition. Three sub-projects focussing on dairy, arable and others, and with ample representation from all sectors, will put this problem definition to the farmers and ask for their input.

This will result in a list of possible measures. The sub-projects will develop these measures into lists of tailor-made measures for improving regional and farm biodiversity.

This pilot will also develop a new administrative model for the agriculture sector, including a farm biodiversity plan which lists the measures an individual farmer is taking to make his business more sustainable. This pilot project will design a model farm biodiversity plan which will be tested by 24 farmers.

The results of the pilot project will be shared with the national umbrella project involving seven CAP pilots to facilitate a joint recommendation on the implementation of the future CAP.