Small-scale rural landscape

Project title: Fifty shades of green in a small-scale rural landscape
Applicant: Coöperatieve vereniging Agrarisch Landschap Achterhoek (East Gelderland cooperative)
In cooperation with: Coöperatief Agrarisch Natuur Collectief Veluwe (North Gelderland collective), Coöperatie Agrarisch Natuurbeheer Utrecht Oost (East Utrecht collective), Coöperatie Gebiedscollectief Noordoost Twente (East Overijssel collective), Coöperatief Collectief Agrarisch Natuurbeheer Midden-Brabant (Central Brabant collective)
Region: Utrecht, Noord-Brabant, Overijssel and Gelderland

kleinschalig cultuurlandschap


This pilot project involves testing measures for farming sandy soils in small-scale rural landscapes. The measures can be integrated in the farmers’ day-to-day operations and will be compensated, ensuring the support of the farmers. The pilot project will introduce a new model whereby the market compensates farmers who implement nature-inclusive agricultural practices. The emphasis is on dairy farmers with grazing stock.

The pilot project will focus on:

  • Preserving the small-scale rural landscape.
  • Improving the network of ecological corridors with hedgerows and plant and wildlife-friendly field margins and grasslands.
  • Developing a varied cropping plan with alternative feed and protein-rich crops to replace concentrated feed.
  • Coordination of the choice and location of the measures to ensure an optimum contribution to the environmental goals.
  • Improving habitats for farmland birds such as partridge, blue-headed wagtail, lapwing, little owl and barn owl.

Organizing an inclusive regional process that involves both farmers and other stakeholders.