Sustainable arable farming

Project title: Tailor-made regional plans for sustainable arable farming
Applicant: Agrarische Natuurvereniging Oost-Groningen (East Groningen collective)
In cooperation with: Coöperatie Flevolands Agrarisch Collectief (Flevoland collective), Coöperatie Collectief Agrarisch Natuurbeheer Poldernatuur Zeeland (Zeeland collective), Coöperatieve vereniging Coöperatie Agrarisch Collectief Waadrâne (Northeast Friesland collective), Agrarisch Natuur en Landschap Collectief Midden Groningen (Central Groningen collective), Coöperatie Agrarische Natuur Drenthe (Drenthe collective), Agrarische Natuurvereniging Hollands Noorden (North Noord-Holland collective), Gebiedscoöperatie Noord-Holland Zuid (South North-Holland collective), Coöperatie Collectief Hoeksche Waard (Zuid-Holland collective)
Region: Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Flevoland and Zeeland.

sustainable arable farming


This pilot project involves nine arable farming collectives who are developing an administrative model for tailor-made regional plans that will lead to a more sustainable arable farming sector. This approach will benefit both farmers and the environment and it will also provide building blocks for the new CAP.

The pilot project will include:

  • Translating national biodiversity goals to the regional level and choosing suitable measures from the national list. This will be coupled to a points system.
  • Developing an administrative model for a greener arable farming sector, including new measures.
  • Establishing financial incentives to encourage sustainable farming practices.

New biodiversity improvement measures will also be tested during the pilot project. This primarily concerns the following trials:

  • Experiments with environmentally friendly crops (with a focus on farmland birds).
  • Creating ecological corridors using landscape elements such as watercourses and field margins.
  • Application of a tailor-made regional list of measures for improving biodiversity, soil, water and climate.