Wetland biodiversity

Project title: Wetland biodiversity project
Applicant: Vereniging Agrarisch Natuur- en Landschapsbeheer Water, Land & Dijken (Noord-Holland collective)
In cooperation with: Gebiedscoöperatie Noord-Holland Zuid (South North-Holland collective), Gebiedscoöperatie Rijn, Vecht en Venen (Utrecht collective)
Region: Noord-Holland and Utrecht

wetland biodiversity


This pilot project will develop soil and climate services, study opportunities for creating a network of ecological corridors, and improve the coordination between the various agricultural initiatives.

The three collectives will work towards such goals as:

  • Establishing regional and local environmental plans.
  • Increasing wetland dairy farmers’ awareness of the importance of sustainable soil management.
  • Combining environmental measures with agricultural nature conservation.
  • Streamlining sustainability initiatives in the dairy industry.

Developing an adequate monitoring, control and accountability methodology for the measures introduced in the pilot project.